If you are a believer in Jesus Christ, it is each believer’s responsibility to assemble for face-to-face teaching in an adjusted local church (i.e. one teaching verse by verse from the original languages). This is the superior form of teaching and necessary if the believer is going to make all the adjustments in God's plan. It is imperative that each believer orient to the current dispensation, the Church Age, and function as part of a local, organized body under the authority of an adjusted pastor-teacher.   If there is no local church in a believer’s geographic area, he has three options.  The first is to consider whether or not there is sufficient positive volition in the area, and if there is, one can request a pastor candidate with a view to establishing a local church in that area.  The second is to relocate to a place that currently has a functioning local church.  The third is to use tapes, books, the internet, and other media that violate face to face teaching, which is not biblically defensible, and will not provide the environment necessary for spiritual growth, the proper application of the doctrine, fellowship with like-minded believers, and growth to maturity.  If you have any questions or if you have sufficient positive volition in your area, we can provide you with the name of a qualified pastor-teacher candidate or advise you of any adjusted local churches in your area.  

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