Makarios Bible Church produces doctrines and class notes using Greek and Hebrew fonts that are owned by Mr. Michael Bushell. Mr. Bushell has graciously granted our users permission to use his private property provided his copyrights are respected.

Makarios Bible Church patrons may use the BibleWorks Fonts provided that you DO NOT:

1. Make copies of the fonts except as a backup.
2. Publish or distribute the fonts to others.
3. Rework, engineer or reverse engineer the fonts.
4. Include the fonts in any package or bundle for sale to others.

By respecting Mr. Bushell's copyright, you encourage the continued development of BibleWorks software. For more information on BibleWorks, see their site at BibleWorks

If you agree to these terms, you may download the TrueType fonts as a zipped file for Windows by using the following link. Windows Fonts

Unzip the fonts and install them in the Fonts folder in Control Panel.

For Mac users, the fonts may be downloaded from Mac Fonts
Unstuff the fonts and drag them into the System folder.